Forum Friday: Overcoming Writer’s Block

Today’s Forum Friday question for writers of all walks:

What do you do when you get stuck?

Everyone has their own tricks and techniques. How do you overcome the age old block, or what do you do to work out your tough spots?

  • Go for a walk?
  • Listen to music?
  • Sleep on it?
  • Your awesome answer: _____________________

Lastly, some encouragement: ALL creators get stuck sometimes!!!


9 thoughts on “Forum Friday: Overcoming Writer’s Block

  1. Hi,
    Before to answer the question; I do have to say that you always have most amazing images in your posts! Where do you find them? Now, to the ‘business’. At the peril of sounding ‘smug’, I really do not come across this problem, or at least not yet. Having said that, what I do come up against is difficulty in finding just the right word. The one (or many) I need to describe what I have in mind. That is my major problem. Maybe this is what is referred to as a writer’s block? If so, what I do is move away from it … go out, do something else, or (the best) read.
    This is all I know,
    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Daniela! I was going through some my posts and I realized that I didn’t respond to your comment! Sorry about that.

      To answer your question I find my images both from google searches and my favorite image-collecting website,

      As to your response, I must say you gave an insightful answer, and it reminds me of something I read in Stephen King’s memoir on writing. He said that, when asked “how” he wrote, he replied “One word at a time.” Finding the right word can be just as challenging as running the creative tank on empty! Thank you for your thoughtful comment and ideas!

    • Hey! So, I realized that I am totally late in replying to this (I somehow missed returning the comments on this post entirely!) but I wanted to say I think you are absolutely right. Do you find that your writing is also influenced BY the book you are reading? Great Expectations has been one of my ongoing reads and I definitely think it’s made my narrative more whimsical, and perhaps even slightly British 😉

  2. This happens to me on occasion, sometimes I just write gibberish until something breaks through. Or I walk away and relax my mind. Either one works about the same amount of time. I never thought of reading during these times, will have to try that. *slaps head, duh* 🙂

    • Haha yes…and even if it doesn’t get you over the creative bump in the road, it’s STILL reading, so it’s good for you! I like your “gibberish” method though. I think that’s one I would benefit from.

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