Writing Challenge, Day 24: Target Audience

30 Day Know Thyself Writing Challenge

Day 24: Who are you writing for? Do you have a target audience in mind?

Depends what I’m writing. My current writing project is a novel I intend for high school and college-age readers (the protagonist being a college student) but I would secretly hope that the story is so good it compels people of all ages to read it!

I think that I haven’t written enough, or enough of any one category, however, to say that I have a writing niche (and therefore a general target audience). I’ve been writing all my life but have dabbled in many genres – humor and romance, fantasy and sci-fi as well as literary – not to mention the various modes of poetry, short story, and novel. I also do some writing purely for myself.

But if I had to pick a general demographic for the sort of books I think I’ll be writing, I would probably say teens and beyond. I’ve wanted to be a novelist since I was little and that’s one aspiration I plan to continue pursuing regardless of all other factors in life.

On the note that life has other dimensions besides writing, I want to share something that had me quite excited today:

I learned how to play this! “First of the Gang to Die” is a sort of tragic rock ballad originally by Morrissey. The lyrics are poetry and Zee Avi’s cover is acoustic, melodious, and almost has a bit of island flavor to it.

Now speaking of flavor, I also made a blackberry peach cobbler today. YUM! I may have to cut this entry short so I can go grab a serving before bed… 🙂

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