Writing Challenge, Day 23: Shoot For the Moon

30 Day Know Thyself Writing Challenge

Day 23: If you held all the cards, where would you want your writing to take you?

Short answer: Europe!

Slightly longer short answer: As early as third grade I dreamed of writing best-sellers. I suppose, if we’re talking ALL the cards, I won’t give up on that dream. But ultimately I don’t need fame or fortune. I would be happy just to live comfortably doing what I love, and have the resources to follow my other dreams like world travel and living abroad.

Alright. If we’re really going to play the “ALL the cards” game, I think a list is the best way to go.

Julie’s Quick List of Writing Goals & Dreams

  1. Be able to afford a comfortable, debt-free life
  2. …abroad…
  3. …as well as travel
  4. Get published by a respected publishing house
  5. Make the NYT bestseller list
  6. Appear on The Daily Show and / or The Colbert Report to discuss my future best-selling books with idols Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert
  7. Attend a book-signing in which I am the author
  8. See my book(s) discussed on television, in high schools and universities, debated by scholars
  9. Make a lasting contribution to culture, the arts, and humanity

If you’re going to dream, dream big.

But even if you fall miserably short of your goals, have a laugh. Failure is often the first step to success.


3 responses to “Writing Challenge, Day 23: Shoot For the Moon”

  1. I really like that list, I have similar dream one in my head.

    1. Cheers! Let’s both do our best to make those dreams realities 😀

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