April is National Poetry Month

What a beautiful time of year. Just as color paints the fields, the birds wing home and cherry trees make pink snow on the sidewalk, so April rolls around and brings with it lines of poetry as stirring as the scent of lavender in spring. That’s right: April is National Poetry Month!

So how do we celebrate? Poets.org provides a wonderful list of 30 ideas for observing the the most lyrical time of year– one for every day of the month! They are fantastic suggestions, and many of them– like watching a poetry movie, attending a reading, and visiting a poetry landmark– can be enjoyed even by those who are not regular readers. You’ll notice something else when you read the list: a good deal of ideas involve sharing poetry. Makes sense. Poetry is such an under-appreciated culture– one that people seem often intimidated by or shy away from– spreading the good words may be just as important, if not more important, than reading and writing them.

This year, then, in addition to trying to read a poem a day and writing regularly, I am making it my creative, literary, and super-secret AWESOME mission to deliver lines to the public. It will go like this: for the next week I will hand write one of my favorite poems each day. At the end of next week I’ll disperse them. How? That’s the fun part. By mail, to random addressees? Tucked into library books? Left on a bulletin board or coffee shop table? *Rubs hands together* Only those who find them will know 🙂 Look for evidence of creative mischief in upcoming posts!

What are YOU doing to read, write, revel in and share poetry this month?


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